Zodax Building #2

Main Page Exterior Offices Warehouse

Monti Apartment Building

Main Page Apartment 403 Apartment 404 Apartment 414

Private School

Main Page Parking & Building Exterior Play Area & Sports Facilities Classrooms & Music...

TSP Stages

  Total: 37840 sq.ft. TSP Stages Main TSP Stages Exterior & Parking TSP Stage...

Quig House

Main Page Exteriors Interiors

City View Store

Main Page Interior City View Parking Lot City View Fashion Store

City View Parking Lot

City View Store  City View Fashion Store

City View Fashion Store

City View Parking Lot City View Store

Valencia Biomedical Park Office Building #2

Valencia Biomedical Park Main Page Exterior Interior

Fair Offices

Fair Offices is a vacant office building located in Sylmar.  This building offers 17,500...

TSP Building #2

This property is currently exterior only.

Artist University

Artist University which is also known as CalArts has a beautiful campus that features...

Old Town Newhall Office

This unique one story office building includes a long driveway, stage, a large patio...

Egg Plantation

The Egg Plantation is a very quaint breakfast restaurant and bar located in Santa...

Brick Business Park

Main Page Parking Exterior Walkways Offices Auditorium Warehouse

Peachland Chiropractic

*This property is only available for filming on weekends.

Tooth Fairy Suites

Available weekdays after hours and weekends only

Havenhouse Church

Main Page Grounds Interior *Church building is under construction until early 2020. Rest of...

Lyons Lot

This is a roomy lot made of gravel and sand.

TMU North Campus Parking Lot

This parking lot is located at The Master’s University (formally Master’s College) in Santa...

Downtown Helipad & Garage

The Downtown Helipad and Garage is a 8 level 270,000 square foot parking garage...

Embassy Suites

Embassy Suites is an upscale midsize hotel located in Santa Clarita.  4 story hotel...

Comic Book Store

The Comic Book store is a quaint community comic book store located in Newhall,...

Cycling Studio

The Cycling Studio is a large spin room style space located in Valencia.  Wood...

TSP Building

The TSP Building is a 2 story modern warehouse and office space located in...

Executive Office Building

Executive Office Building Main Page Executive Office Building Exterior Executive Office Building Interior This...

Cultural Center

The Cultural Center is a 25,000 square foot community center located on the UCLA...


The CS HOA is an “anywhere USA” community located in Santa Clarita. They have...

RV Resort

The RV Park is a resort offering various vantages located in Santa Clarita, CA....

Parkway XVW

Parkway XVW is a contemporary auto dealership and service center located in Valencia. It...

Solo Ranch

Solo Ranch Main Page Solo Ranch Exterior Solo Ranch Interior Solo Ranch Front House

Community Church

The Community Church is a small classic church located in Santa Clarita.  The church...

Irwindale Event Center

Irwindale Event Center still available for filming and exclusively represented by L.A. Film Locations!...

Oak Woods

The Oak Woods is a 40 acre wooded dry riverbed property located in Newhall....

Valencia Biomedical Park

The Valencia Biomedical Park is a 167-acre  business park, offering many unique vantages, located...

Car Yard

The Car Yard is a mustang repair yard located in Castaic.  Lots of parts...

Colocation Two Building

Colocation Two Building Main Page Exterior Entrances Lofts & Mezzanine Parking & Rooftop Showroom...

Abandoned House

The House has been Demolished. Large dirt lot. Please contact us if you would...

Storage Center

Storage Center Main Page Exterior Showroom Storage Units

Eerie Ranch

This location is in Fallbrook, CA.

LA Parking Lot #2

  For Parking Only.

LA Parking Lot #1

  For Parking Only.

Dragonfly Winery

The Dragonfly Winery is an indoor warehouse wine processing plant located in Santa Clarita....

Water Tank & Fire Roads

Under Construction.


  Campgrounds Main Page Camp Cabins & Tents Pool Astro Turf Field & Zip...

Rebel Building

Rebel Building Main Page Exterior Interior This location is currently exterior only.

LA Mart

The LA Mart is a 12 story 860,000 square foot creative office and warehouse...

Canyons Gun Club

Canyons Gun Club Main Page Lower Canyon Upper Canyon

Duplex House


Bowling Alley

Bowling Alley Main Page Exterior Interior Back of Lanes Pro Shop & Offices Bar...

Chiropractic Office

This location is only available on Sundays. Chiropractic Office Main Page Exterior Interior

Fitness Complex

Fitness Complex Main Page Exterior Main Cardio/ Cafe Entrance Pool Entrance Gyms Racquetball &...

Yuki Retail Center

Main Page Church Offices Salon The Yuki Retail Center is a partially occupied “anywhere...

JSB Building # 4

Exterior only.


Located in the Santa Clarita Valley is an older school that was founded over...


B.M. is a premier shopping center in Santa Clarita featuring upscale vantages including a...


Wamu Plummer 2

Offices no longer VACANT, still available for filming.

TV Twin Office Buildings

The TV Twin Office Buildings are a pair of 3 story office buildings located...

Empire Building

The interior of this location is only available for filming on weekends.

CNB Building