Getty View House

The Getty View House is a modern home located in the Santa Monica Mountains....

1909 Craftsman House

The 1909 Craftsman House is a classic 2 story craftsman style home located in...

Turquoise Apartment

The Turquoise Apartment is a studio apartment located in Los Angeles.  Exterior has a...

Frost House

The Frost House is a three level modern home located in the Hollywood Hills....

Spanish Courtyard House

The Spanish Courtyard house is a Spanish Villa located in Los Angeles.  Terracotta roof...

Yellow Hills House

The Yellow Hills House is a two story home in the Los Angeles Hills....

Royal House

The Royal House is a two story victorian style home located in Los Angeles....

Skylight Studios

Skylight Studios is a 1550 sq ft, Brick studio located in Los Angeles.  Live work...

Glass Offices

The Glass Offices is a 2 story office space near mid city Los Angeles....

Yellow Stone House

The Yellow Stone House is a classic, 1939 built, east coast or southern antebellum...

Downtown Helipad & Garage

The Downtown Helipad and Garage is a 8 level 270,000 square foot parking garage...

Vida Nueva Church

The Vida Nueva Church is a mission style community church located in Northeast Los...

Cultural Center

The Cultural Center is a 25,000 square foot community center located on the UCLA...

7966 Beverly Building

Formally the Aspen Building

Swan House

Swan House Main Page Swan House Exterior Swan House Interior

OTLA Warehouse

The OTLA Warehouse is a brick warehouse located in Downtown Los Angeles.  There are...

Highrise Offices

Available after hours and weekends only

Arch Building #1

Under construction. Will be creative office space. (Updated 5/12/16)

Gatto House


Colocation Two Building

Colocation Two Building Main Page Exterior Entrances Lofts & Mezzanine Parking & Rooftop Showroom...

Glass Modern House

Glass Modern House Main Page Exterior Interior

Hilltop Sanctuary

Hilltop Sanctuary Main Page Exterior Interior

Creative Studios

Creative Studios Main Page Exterior Suite 400 Suite 401

Illustrator House

Illustrator House Main Page Exterior Interior

Matt House

Matt House Main Page Exterior Interior

KX House #2


KX House #1


Karen House

  Karen House Main Page Exterior Interior Basement & Garage

LA Mart

The LA Mart is a 12 story 860,000 square foot creative office and warehouse...

Goodwill Hunting House

Goodwill Hunting House Main Page Exterior Interior

Spanish Retreat House

Spanish Retreat House Exterior Interior

Entertainer’s House

Entertainer’s House Main Page Exterior Interior

Tranquil House

Tranquil House Main Page Exterior Interior

KB Building #1

KB Building #1 Main Page Exterior Roof Interior Basement  

CNB Building