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Creative Office & Studio – Studio

In the back of the building is a 2000 square ft studio space complete...

Creative Office & Studio – Mezzanine

Mezzanine connects to the floating glassed-in conference room. Creative Office & Studio – Main...

Creative Office & Studio – Main Space & Conference Room

The Atrium – Polished concrete floors, large overhead skylights and a floating glassed in...

Creative Office & Studio – Garden

3K sq ft garden. Creative Office & Studio – Main Page Garden Main Space...

MRS Properties – Creative Office & Studio

10K sq ft multi use space including a mezzanine / cyclorama wall / creative...

Brick Yard and Factory Main Warehouse Interior

Main Page Grounds Main Warehouse Interior

Brick Yard and Factory Grounds

Main Page Grounds Main Warehouse Interior

Brick Yard and Factory

Main Page Grounds Main Warehouse Interior

The A LIST Hair and Makeup Studio

Please call L.A. Film Locations at 661.253.FILM (3456) to schedule a scout for your...

CalArts Ahmanson Hall – Dorms

Featured: – Ahmanson Hall (Dorms) – Academic Building Main Page Exterior & Parking Lots...

CalArts Chouinard Hall

Featured: – Parking Lot 2 – Sand Volleyball Court – Chouinard Hall Main Page...

CalArts 4th Floor

Featured: – The Main Gallery (2nd Level) – Chiller Room – Cyclorama Studio –...

CalArts 3rd Floor – Main Entrance

Featured: – Main Entrance – Reception – The Sharon Disney Lund Dance Theater –...

CalArts 2nd Floor

Featured: – Dance Studio – Super Shop – Hallways & Lockers – Character Animation...

CalArts 1st Floor

Featured: – Boiler Room – E197 (Theater Rehearsal) – Costume Shop – A111 Mix...

CalArts Sublevel

Featured: – Graffiti Hallway – Classroom A – Classroom B – Photo Lab Main...

CalArts Exterior & Parking Lots

Featured: – The Wild Beast Music Pavilion – Main Entrance – Parking Lot 5...


CalArts has a beautiful campus that features a sprawling five-level, 500,000-square-foot building in the...

Lido Restaurant and Nightclub

Mexican Market

Mexican Market 2nd Floor Bakery

Mexican Market

Mexican Market

2nd Floor Bakery

Railroad Lot

Available for filming, basecamp, and crew parking.

Zen Center

Verde House Interior

Main Page Exterior Interior

Verde House Exterior

Main Page Exterior Interior